Thursday, August 11, 2011

New York Yankees Books

As the New York Yankees franchise has grown and become successful over the years of the last century, they have become one of the most dominant forces in Major League Baseball. The Yankees have become baseball history in many ways and continue to add to that legacy each and every day. The story of the Yankees is in many ways the story of baseball. As people have come to this amazing realization, they have turned to learn about that NY Yankees history. Many authors have written about the Bronx Bombers from the legacy days of Ruth to the era of Mantle to the latest dynasty, that of Jeter. The Yanks continue to be a force of their own and they have many books written about them. Some of these books are written by fans, other books written by former players, and some even written by former managers. Joe Torre actually wrote a Yankee book talking about his historic years with the team and leaving them after a weak offer from the Steinbrenners. People like to read about the pinstripes and the great stories, tales, and anecdotes that surround the organization. There are many books about the Yankees covering a wide range of topics from specific players to managers to the stadium to the legacy to the organization to the Yankees' impact on baseball and the MLB itself. Check out some Yankees books if you want to learn about baseball or the team.

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