Thursday, March 20, 2008

Clemens' Crumbling Legacy

There is no doubt that Roger Clemens has lost his good image whether or not he used performance enhancing drugs. He realizes it as does the rest of the world. In just a few months he has gone from a shoe-in future Hall of Famer to a state where it seems virtually impossible for him to get in. The Hall of Fame isn't the only thing that McNamee's allegations have cost him though. His name is in flames. Look at any major poll and you will see that an overwhelming majority think Clemens is lying. The Rocket knows this and he has made it his mission to bring back respect to his name, but things aren't looking so great at the moment for that. His name is tainted and even if he is proven innocent he will forever be remembered as one from the PED era in baseball. Clemens and Mr. Bonds will forever be the poster boys of this sad era in baseball history.

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