Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Parting with Torre?

When the Yankees faced elimination in the ALDS for the third straight year, owner George Steinbrenner stated that Torre would most likely lose his job if the team didn't make it to the ALCS. To the dismay of Yankee fans everywhere, their beloved team did lose and now they may have to deal with losing one of the most loved mangers in Yankee history. Joe Torre has had tremendous success with the Yankees, but with no World Series ring in the last seven years, the owner doesn't seem very happy.

He could have been bluffing, but no one is quite sure and looking at Steinbrenner's tough attitude in the past it is certainly a possibility. Before making such a drastic move, Steinbrenner should and probably will think of the consequences. Many fans will be disappointed, not to mention the players, many who have formed close bonds with Mr. Joe Torre. Mariano Rivera has even stated that he might test the free agent market should Torre be fired. Older players will certainly miss Torre, especially those who have been with him for a long time, many who have only played under Torre (Rivera, Jeter, and Posada.)

There are several possibilities as to who will take over the position shall Torre be let go, but one thing is sure: no one will be able to replace Torre's place in the hearts of Yankee fans and players everywhere.

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