Tuesday, October 16, 2007

No Payroll Excuses

This year is the perfect example showing that having a high payroll doesn't mean anything when it comes to winning World Series, so all of you out there who blame your team's loses on the high payrolls you no longer have an excuse. Just look at the 4 teams that made in to the league championships. 3 of them are in the bottom ten when it comes to payroll and yet they all managed to make it this far. The Rockies even swept two teams and have won 21 of their last 22. So having a low payroll really is no excuse for not winning.

Look at the other side of the ball. The Yankees have the highest payroll in baseball and we haven't been able to win a series for 7 years. So next time your team doesn't make the playoffs, don't cry. It just isn't fair.

Oh yea, one more thing: no one is stopping your owners from spending the money to match our high payroll. It is just your owners not caring enough or you fans not supporting your teams enough. Baseball like everything else is a business and our owner is a good businessman who makes big purchases in search of a good return and we Yankee fans do give a return on the investment by buying tickets and merchandise. As for some of you other fans, that is not the case cough-Arizona-cough. Maybe you should support your team more and help them make money and maybe your owner will think twice before passing up on signing a good player next time.

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